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Innovate in Retail.

How can you visualize your data and more importantly it’s performance?  How do you build a community?  How can you generate more sales and satisfied customers at the same time? 

Shopping centers, chain stores and multi-brand stores each have their own challenges. Often we simply focus on the branding, product affordability or the location itself. Most commonly what we’ve noticed is that communication towards visitors (‘the community’) and it’s automation is not yet fully developed.

Innovation in Real Estate.

Do you recognize some of the following pain points in your office?

  • Sales and marketing cost too much time, money and energy.
  • There is resistance among brokers to adopt new technology.
  • We want to try new technology grow more strategically.
  • We require IT support and are looking for a long term relationship with our vendor.
  • I want a roadmap (step-by-step plan) tailored to my organization to optimize my sales and marketing.

Innovating in Project Development.

Managing location based marketing based on data & automation??

We map out your region and help you devise the concept. What can be built, for whom and how is the region evolving. Which brand identity, technology, brokers will be used and how do we collect valuable data. 

We provide a plan of action for project developers and guide you with experts from the sector.  

Innovation in
Sales & Marketing.

In this boot camp, we will work with your sales and marketing team to take a completely new path leveraging advanced marketing tools.

There are an incredible number of possibilities to automate your marketing & sales. First, we map out who your customers are and how they will look for your product or service. We then map out all touch points with customers and see which technology we can use.

The outcome is a plan of action tailored to your organization.


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